CDB Help


Q: I currently don't have an account to AXXE CDB. How do I get access?
A: Your company need to enter an agreement with AXXE AS for usage of AXXE CDB. If your company has already entered an agreement, please ask the designated CDB responsible person in your own company to apply for an account for you.

Q: I have clicked on the "Components" or "Manufactures" link in the left menu, but get the message "Access denied". Why?
A: Please log in first. If you have an account, but have problems related to login or password, please contact AXXEs CDB support.

Q: Can I use "wildcards" in the search forms?
A: Yes, the search forms supports searching via "regular expressions". See some examples below:
ic = all entries containing "ic"
^ic = all entries starting with "ic"
ic|analog = all entries containing "ic" or "analog"
ic.*analog = all entries containing "ic" followed by "analog"

For more info about regular expressions, see

Q: What does the "colour marking" of the components mean?
A: The purpose of the colour marking is to quickly inform the user of the status of each component. The colours have the following meaning:
- Green: The component is approved by AXXE *and* currently in use by AXXE.
- Yellow: The component is approved by AXXE, but has not been used during the last two years.
- Red: The component is known, but not approved by AXXE.

Q: I cannot find any component matching my specifications or requirements. What are my options?
A: Please contact AXXE's NPI department (NPI = "New Product Introduction"). This department is responsible for maintaining component information in AXXE CDB (including acquiring new components, if necessary).

AXXE contact information
CDB support
NPI department
Sales department or +47 69173800 (9-15)